Sal Sinawi



Sal Sinawi is the founder of Midas Digital. With over a decade of experience in business, with a specific focus on marketing & events.

Sal has the theory and the practice covered. With a Masters Degree in International Management (Digital Business), you can often find Sal back at Teesside University where his expertise is often requested as a guest lecturer. He lectures for both Bachelor and Masters degree programmes on various topics of Digital Marketing and E-Business, with a particular focus on Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Optimisation.

Sal’s keen interest for all things digital has fuelled his studies and his work life, transitioning what began as a freelance consultancy service to a full digital agency. The digital agency that we now know as Midas Digital. With a keen interest in business growth through digital marketing channels, Sal’s thirst for knowledge serves him well in keeping up to date with all the frequently changing trends in digital marketing, particularly Social Media Marketing. Sal’s perfectionist standards are what give the Midas Golden Touch.

Outside of the office, Sal enjoys time at the gym and spending time with his sidekick & Head of Morale Zeus. He’s also a keen football fan. If he’s not watching it, chances are he will be playing for one of his teams (Gosforth Bohemians FC and Old Novocastrians FC) A sociable guy, with a big appetite for coffee, food, but most importantly, success! Clients that bring their digital business needs to Sal and his team at Midas can have every confidence they’ve made the right choice.