Zeus Sinawi

A very good boy

Zeus Sinawi has the all-important position of Head of Morale here at Midas. A position he takes very seriously!

Zeus is a 9-year-old Jackhuahua – trustee side-kick to Sal. Zeus is very much used to office life having ample experience in many offices over the years heading morale and warming laps.

Zeus is a sociable little guy with a big personality. He loves nothing more than meeting new people both in the office and away.

When things are quiet, and Zeus has fulfilled his commitments in greeting all clients, delivered an acceptable amount of affection and received plenty of attention, you’ll find him relaxing in the sun. An avid sun worshipper, Zeus spends his day following the sun spots around the office.

Head of Morale is a demanding role that Zeus fulfils with such care. His efforts are not lost here at Midas, and we ensure he’s duly rewarded with ample cheese and frankfurters – well above the national average rate!